An Introduction to Public Health Informatics with Epi Info and OpenEpi

Two 4-hour Sessions

  • Session I--Analysis of existing data sources: Summarizing and mapping (randomly altered) data on asthma prevalence from 131 schools in Miami-Dade County
  • Session II--Making a data entry form and entering data: Investigation of Anthrax bioterrorism in Miami with "data" from 600 cases and controls: questionnaire design, data entry, validation, merging of data from multiple stations, and a dynamic tutorial on making menus. 
To download a Session and its data files, click on the Session I or II link above. and follow instructions to download it to your Windows Desktop. Then double-click the file or, in older computers, use a ZIP program, to unzip it.

Andrew G. Dean, MD, MPH
Miami, Florida
Phone 1-305 921 9252